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Gourmet bistro restaurant

Culinary delights in Les Deux Alpes

The Chamois Lodge restaurant invites you to discover seasonal, home-cooked cuisine made with the freshest ingredients. The chef takes pleasure in preparing traditional recipes inspired by his grandmothers. When he's not drawing on his childhood memories, he also finds inspiration from his walks in the beautiful Alpine countryside.

The bistronomic menu, with a low-cost formula (starter, main course and dessert), invites you to indulge in a cosy, easy-going atmosphere.

The restaurant has two dining rooms with a total capacity of around 100 diners, a lounge seating 20, a fireplace and an impressive single-storey glazed wine cellar.

In harmony with the refined dishes, the sommelier offers an exceptional wine list, with a wealth of top wines from all the regions of France.

To extend the experience, enjoy your summer evenings on our sunny terrace.

Fabien's recipe

Arctic char with Bleu de Sassenage sauce and crozets

Serves 4

Arctic char: 4 fillets of 130g Arctic char, 4 large porcini mushrooms
Crozets: 100g potatoes, 1 dash olive oil, 50g flour, chives and parsley
Sauce: 400g crème fraîche, 100g Sassenage blue cheese, 1 small onion, 5cl white wine

Fry the fish fillets skin side down, clean the porcini mushrooms, cut into thin slices and fry in butter.
Peel the skin off the Arctic char fillets and slide the slices of porcini mushrooms underneath. 

To make the crozets: Bake the potatoes with the skins on for 1 hour at 200°C, peel them while hot, mash them with a fork and add a dash of olive oil, flour, seasoning and herbs. Roll into small rolls and cut into 1cm-long palets. Poach the crozets in boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes. 

Prepare the sauce: Sweat the chopped onions, deglaze with the white wine, cream and add the finely chopped Sassenage blue cheese. Cook for 20 minutes at a gentle simmer, then blend and season. 

Pan-fry the crozets with a few herbs and finish cooking the char in the oven for 4 minutes.

Enjoy your meal