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Our wine cellar

A large selection for some surprising discoveries

Ever passionate, the sommelier has chosen a wide range of wines for the Chamois Lodge. All the main regions are represented here, with a special mention for Beaujolais vintages.

We strive to be as close to our products, producers and our very own values as possible. When it comes to wine, we make the effort to work with a whole family of winemakers who share our principles, have the same demands, who respect the earth, and who treat their vines with as few products as possible. This thorough work creates wines that are archetypal, original, artisan wines that are clearly the work of men and women of the soil.

Our cocktails

Take a sip at our bar in Les 2 Alpes

Take a sip of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail around the fireplace or a burning barrel, or simply at the bar itself, as you happily chat about your day skiing or how you feel about our latest cocktail creations. The lively music and the wonderful sight of the bottles in the glass cabinets add to the ambiance, so come and enjoy a selection of brilliant cocktails and generous aperitif plates.